Friday, October 14, 2011

Buying Time w/ Pix From Smuttynose Marathon

Alas, still no race report, but my official race photos came in so I'll distract with these to buy some time :D

This is the first loop between miles 9 and 10.

Still feeling great at this point.

The second loop was a little longer than the first,  this is between miles 22 and 23.  The Vibram Fivefingers came off around mile 21. 

Despite my attempt to put on a good face for the camera, you can tell I'm drained.  You can see the Vibram Fivefingers tied around my waist.

This pic was taken by my dad - The finish line is in sight.
Crossing the finish line.
That's me knowing I just completed my second marathon.


  1. Those are the best race photos I've seen for a long time. Congrats to the photographers for doing a great job, and to you for looking so good. You were literally flying in the last photo!

  2. Thanks Alan! I was really impressed with the photographers too. Not only good pix, but fast turn around too. This is the first time I've actually purchased official race photos.

    I don't know where that little bit of extra energy comes from at the end of a race, but no matter how wiped I might be it seems to be there.

  3. I suspect the extra energy comes from strength of character. Sometimes it's that simple.