Saturday, August 13, 2011

Playing with Video

The following video was shot with my iPod Nano, parts of which I hope to use in my review of the V5F Speeds.  The video is not my planned review, but a test run of video editing and uploading to this blog.

I apologize for my mumbling, unclear voice, and complete lack of structure, which resulted in a lot of "um's" and perhaps a few "ah's".  The plus side is I've learn a lot already.

The song is "Mizu Asobi" by Asobi Seksu off the Citrus Album.


  1. Very impressive, Daniel! Much respect for what you've accomplished with this short test. I look forward to the full review!


  2. Alan,
    Thanks so much. I really appreciate the encouragement. I'm planning on doing a 12 mile and 20 mile run as part of the review, so the actual review is still several weeks off.